Wendy Halsall – Orientals


Oriental 1 Halsall

An Oriental rug is a term given to rugs produced in the “East” or from the Asiatic areas extending from southeastern Europe to China.

My approach to teaching Oriental rugs is to aim for an interesting colour plan; one that remains simple, with the “flat, woven appearance” of a traditional Oriental rug.

In class we will discuss the different types and origins of the Oriental design. We will colour plan designs and discuss how to make the design interesting and have “zing”. Dyeing methods will also be covered in class as well as finishing.

Although I prefer a #3 cut, you are welcome to choose a design of your choice, hooked with any wool from fine cut to wide cut. Any skill level is welcome in my class and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Oriental 2 Halsall

Oriental 4 Halsall


I have hooked since 1982 and attended many rug camps and workshops in Banff, Washington, Oregon, Saskatchewan and B.C. with the last being TIGHR in Victoria in Oct. 2015. I have taught as well as having been a student. I have been a certified McGown teacher for many years. I enjoy all aspects of rug hooking from the dyeing of wool to the colour planning of a new project. I enjoy hooking a wide variety of designs—they are all a learning experience and a challenge, but orientals are my particular favourite.

Oriental 3 Halsall