Lynne Powell -Open Class and Beginners

2008 Old Grist Mill

This class is open for any project you want to hook on, whether it’s a new pattern you’ve been itching to start or one that’s been sitting unfinished because you are stuck. You may also bring more than one pattern if you have a couple in progress that you want to work on. I will be happy to help you select a colour palette if desired. The charm of an open class is that you will hear a wide range of topics discussed as each student’s work brings something new to consider and learn about. In addition to the range of topics inspired by what the students bring to class, I will also be discussing the use of colour in rug-hooking (my favourite subject) and how to create maximum benefit with your background.


The Beginner Class


The beginner class is built around a delightful pattern published in ATHA Magazine, Aug/Sep 2016 issue. Caroline Twigg has generously given me permission to use her pattern “Guild Flower” to introduce rug hooking. There is an additional fee for this class of $20 for a kit that includes a paper pattern, linen backing, marker and class notes. Everyone will be learning with the pattern provided in the class kit. However, if you have a purchased a pattern you are eager to hook, please bring it to class as well and we will spend a bit of time before class is over to look over your pattern and discuss how you might want to approach it. There are two main goals in this class. The first is to teach the fundamentals of traditional rug hooking so you know to create a floor-worthy rug. The second is to inspire you in the beauty, joy and very wide world of rug hooking.


Lynne Powell began hooking in 1993 when she discovered the Portland Rug Hooking Guild at a Gathering of the Guilds in Portland Oregon. While she has dabbled in all styles of rug hooking and is happy hooking with any size cut, her greatest delight is in the play of color this medium allows. Lynne has been a certified McGown teacher since 2011 and has had three pieces published in Celebrations Magazine. She has taught at local workshops in Portland as well as in other communities from Oregon to Vancouver B.C. She has also taught at Friends by the Sea Rug Camp at Rockaway Beach, Oregon.