Prairie Harvest Rug Hooking School is Western Canada’s only school of rug hooking. Everyone who attends the school is a member of the Prairie Harvest Rug Hooking School Association. This small, friendly school is organized by three directors and a team of volunteers. Attendance averages 60 students, with students coming from all over Western Canada including the Yukon. We have had students from as far away as Montana, Minnesota and Maine!

Prairie Harvest offers 5 classes taught by teachers chosen for their expertise in a particular field of hooking. Students receive 30 hours of instruction over 5 days. A varied program includes an inspiring rug show, an exchange of 8”x8” friendship mats, wool draws, a selection of vendors, impromptu entertainment and other opportunities to learn and connect with other hookers.

Prairie Harvest Rug Hooking School is held at Providence Renewal CentreEdmonton, Alberta. All classes, meals and accommodation are in one building, and local people often commute.

Prairie Harvest was held in Saskatchewan from 2001 every year until 2016, when it moved to Edmonton. The Association was established by Doris Fulmore and Flora Hamilton. The school has been located in the Q’Appelle valley, Bruno, Muenster and lately at Cedar Lodge at Blackstrap Lake, all in Saskatchewan. Teachers have included many expert Western teachers such as Ann Taylor, Barb Kennedy, Cec Caswell, Doris Fulmore, Holly Kingdon, Laurie Wiles, Lise Merchant, Lynn Roth, Lynne Howard, Marlene Bartlett, Michelle Sirois-Silver, Sara Judith, Tanya Graham, Val Galvin and Wendy Halsall. Every year the school hosts at least one teacher from outside Western Canada. We have been fortunate to enjoy expert instruction from teachers such as Anne Boissinot, Bea Grant, Brigitta Phy, Doris Norman, Edie Cole, Gail Dufresne, Ingrid Hieronimus, Iris Simpson, Jayne Nevins, Jeanne Field, Joan Foster, Jon Ciemiewicz, Laura Pierce, Michele Wise, Pam Bartlett, Shirley Poole and Trish Johnson.


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