2016 Prairie Harvest

Classes are assigned on a first serve basis, determined by the postmark on your application. Class sizes are limited to ensure quality instruction.
**You must be a member of the PHRHSA to register for the school. The PHRHSA membership form can be sent along with your school registration to Janet McLean. Or you may send it to Laurie Wiles as noted on the form**

Registration forms are available for download and printing in this 2016 School section.
Registration forms must be sent by mail no sooner than December 31 2015.
Applications postmarked earlier than December 31 will not be accepted.
Registration applications must be accompanied by
a deposit cheque for $175 dated January 1 2016
a postdated cheque dated July 15, 2016 for one of the following options
$555   if you would like to share a room
$665   if you would like a private room                                                                         $275   if you will be a commuter (will not require accommodation) Lunches, and dinners on all evenings, including the first night and the banquet are included.

When you complete your registration form, you will select a first, second and third choice of instructor and class. You will be placed in your first choice class if there is space. If space is not available, you will be placed in your second choice class. (Almost all students are in their class of first choice.) Classes may be cancelled if there is insufficient registration or the teacher is unable to attend. The decision about classes will be made May 31, 2016. You will be notified June 15, 2016 ( 3 months before class) which class you are in. Your teacher will contact you at that date to ensure that both you and the teacher will be well prepared for class.

PRIVATE ROOMS are few in number and preference will be given to students with health issues who require a private room. There is an additional fee of $110.
ROOMS ON THE MAIN FLOOR are reserved for individuals with mobility issues. Cedar Lodge does not have an elevator.
COMMUTERS FEES cover facility use, lunches, coffee breaks, dinner the first night all subsequent nights including the banquet supper on the last night. Breakfasts may be purchased if desired.
MOTOR HOMES can be accommodated on the grounds for a daily fee of $25. Please make your reservation directly with Cedar Lodge, and pay them directly. If you stay in a motor home you pay your commuter fees to Prairie Harvest.

TRANSPORTATION to and from Saskatoon airport can be arranged for a fee of $30. Please let us know if you will require this service at least two weeks before school begins. Choose a flight that arrives before 4:00 p.m. on the day school begins, and one that departs after lunch on the last day of classes, or we will not be able to arrange a ride for you.

The tuition fee ($175) is non-refundable. Accommodation and administrative fees, ie. the balance, will be refunded if circumstances arise that prevent you from attending.