Heather Fox


‘Fine Shading Flowers’Heather Fox
In this class, you will learn how to adapt a flower from a photo and turn it into a hooked rug. To start, each student will hook a sampler pattern; a rose. We will work through the basics of shading the flower using six values, mapping the shaded flower to our swatch, and applying the techniques of fingering to hook our rose. We will also review how to hook a daisy, pansy, lily, and throated flower. Templates will be available for those who wish to design their own rug. Patterns will be available as well. How to shade leaves will be covered along with a discussion on how to colour plan using the colour wheel. The theory learned early in the week will then be applied during the latter half of the week when we will colour plan, shade and hook flowers for your own project.
Heather Fox
Heather has been hooking rugs for over ten years. She enjoys the challenge and beauty of the finely shaded, realistic style of hooking. She was the editor of the PHRHS newsletter for nine years, and is currently the director of the Western Canada Rug Hooking Education Association. Two of her fine shaded pieces have been published in Celebration; one was an honourable mention. She is a certified rug hooking  instructor both by McGown and the Western Canada Rug Hooking Education Association.